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Further information about Vottunarstofan Tún and its certification services are available by mail, phone or appointment, as well as in print – including information leaflets and the Tún standards for organic and natural products, application forms and guides for all schemes.

Please make your query by phone, email or post, specifying your interest, and using the following contact details:

Vottunarstofan Tún ehf.
Þarabakki 3
IS-109 Reykjavík
Telephone:        +354 511 1330
Mobile:               +354 820 4130

You may also wish to contact directly either of our program managers:

  • MSC fisheries and chain of custody certification: Gunnar Á. Gunnarsson,
  • Organic and natural products certification:        Mrs. Rannveig Guðleifsdóttir,